Wrenn McCrae // APA Class of 2019

The first time I saw Wrenn McCrae, she was on a stage with her violin in hand playing a beautiful melody. As a violinist myself, I always love seeing young women share their passion for their music. And last night I got to watch Wrenn McCrae perform her senior dance recital with Studio 86, where she began dancing as a preschooler. My little dancer has been able to look up to her for the past 4 years as she has danced at the same studio, and I could not choose a better role model. With one of the sweetest smiles in town, Wrenn McCrae has won the hearts of her audiences since she first stepped onto that stage. It was a joy to work with her and her family for her senior portraits in downtown Kinston. We found some perfect spots to include her violin in some of the portraits and accentuate her creativity as a musician and dancer.




Wrenn McCrae & Amy, thank you so much for sharing this special year with me. I am so excited to see where you go from here, Wrenn McCrae! Amy, I will definitely be coming to you for more advice on parenting girls. Love y’all!