YAAAAAYYY!!! Today I get to share the theme for our 2019 Style Team! It is one of my favorites! We had fun dancing last year but the class of 2019 will…. (drumroll, please)…


Have you ever wanted to just go out and find new things that you’ve never seen or done before??? That is exactly what we are going to be doing! I’ve got lots planned for the 2019 Style Team and here are some of the bonuses you’ll get as part of the team:

  1. THE TEAM SHOOT! Get pampered and be a model for the afternoon at a fun location. Eat snacks, get your make-up done by professional Ashley Holloman and get tons of images to share!
  2. EXCLUSIVE INVITATIONS to marketing shoots throughout the year. You don’t have to come to these shoots, but why wouldn’t you! They are fun, simple and quick and you will have lots of fun getting to know the rest of the team members. These shoots will go along with our team theme – Go Explore!
  3. FREE HEADSHOTS! Everyone invited to the team is invited to the Team Meet & Greet, where you and a parent or guardian will get free head shots! At this fun event, you will get to know Lindsay and what the Style Team is all about.
  4. PHOTOGRAPHY, MARKETING & MODELING EXPERIENCE! You will learn about running a small business and using marketing tools. You will also learn about photography, lighting, posing and how to feel comfortable in front of a camera.
  5. NEW FRIENDS! You will get to meet and bond with your team members to make friendships that last a lifetime!

Sound too good to be true??? It’s not, but there are a few requirements:

  1. Book your Senior Solo Shoot with LCP! This is a must! Every team member will be required to book a custom senior session with Lindsay & all team members get a special signing bonus – a special product from your solo shoot.
  2. Sign an agreement – every team member and a guardian signs an agreement that is a model release, a list of expectations and requirements for the team member & LCP and the commitment to not representing another photographer for the rest of this year all of your senior year!
  3. Promote LCP! You will honor your responsibility as a representative of LCP to your friends & community by sharing online and by word of mouth!
  4. Participate in the Team Shoot on May 15, 2018! 

Applications are now closed for the Class of 2019 Senior Style Team.

There are a few more but I’ll let you apply to hear about them! Here’s a little glimpse of what our TEAM SHOOT will look like! Thank you to Alli, Bailee, Mary George & Ali for helping me create these!