Introducing the Class of 2019!! Meet our Senior Style Team for this year’s senior class. Life is an adventure, so… GO EXPLORE!

That’s what we are all about this year. Don’t just survive your day to day existence. Look for the adventures that surround us. For this photo shoot, we looked at the wilderness within our own town. We are fortunate to have so many amazing serene natural landscapes around us. Lots of farms, woods, fields and water. We had such a great, but windy day! We pretended to be wilderness girls… with a little style. We found lots of fire ants, some goats, poison ivy and an old boat. Oh, and some new friendships.

Check back for personal introductions!

Thank you, girls! You all are amazing! I can’t wait to keep working with y’all this year. Stay safe in this storm!

Make-up: Ashley Holloman & Dana Parker