When Savannah walked into my studio, the energy level tripled. She is definitely the life of the party and a cheerleader on and off court. Her smile alone spreads cheer, and when she talks, laughter is bound to follow. Her session was so much fun! It was a sunny day, but even the sun can’t brighten up an image like Savannah. And, can you say Julia Robert’s daughter??? Holy doppelganger.

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006Hill-Savannah-2016-0926-5647_Kinston Portraits.jpg
001Hill-Savannah-2016-0926-5617_Kinston Portraits.jpg
018Hill-Savannah-2016-0926-5754_Kinston Portraits.jpg
050Hill-Savannah-2016-0926-6061_Kinston Portraits.jpg
051Hill-Savannah-2016-0926-6062_Kinston Portraits.jpg
042Hill-Savannah-2016-0926-5939_Kinston Portraits.jpg
055Hill-Savannah-2016-0926-6093_Kinston Portraits.jpg
062Hill-Savannah-2016-0926-6146_Kinston Portraits.jpg
068Hill-Savannah-2016-0926-6219_Kinston Portraits.jpg
079Hill-Savannah-2016-0926-6333_Kinston Portraits.jpg

What a pleasure it was to work with you and your mom, Savannah! Thank you so much for choosing me to shoot your senior portraits. You are going places, girl! I am so grateful to play a part in your journey. Love you!

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