My Morning Place

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So I’m an introvert. I love people and I love to socialize, but I also love to sit quietly by myself. A few years ago, I attended a photography workshop led by my friends Nancy Ray and Caroline Joy. Kinston Photographer 1378Nancy spoke about making intentional goals for life and business. One thing she did was to create a spot in her home where she started her day. Having that special place motivated her to wake up earlier and spend peaceful moments meditating and studying with God. I am naturally a morning person so this idea immediately started churning in my mind.

I found a couch and chair pair for my home studio at a great price – unbelievable actually – and knew I had found the makings for my spot.  Now every time I have some quiet moments, I sit in my chair… usually with a cup of tea in hand. This is where I pray. This is where I study the Bible. This is where I study photography. This is where I brainstorm and plan. This is where I read and journal. Sometimes I curl up. Sometimes I kneel.

This chair is nothing more than a chair, but the intention behind it is what has changed my life. Seriously. It gives me a tangible place to spend with God. I’m not saying I’m perfect in this chair. There have been many tears shed here and many frustrated and angry thoughts conceived here. But this little spot is my starting line for each day that helps me focus on finishing my life well.


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