I ♥ My Littles


In 2008, my adventure of being a mama began. My husband and I were surprised with the news that I was pregnant. We were in quite a state, without insurance or a stable job. That’s a long exciting story. I’ll tell it to you sometime. I had really wanted to start growing our little family so I was beyond excited when I found out. We had our little McG the day before my husband sat for and passed the North Carolina State Bar (to become an attorney)!

Her middle name is Grace because we know it was by God’s grace that she came at the perfect time. About every 2 years since, we’ve added another little to our band of crazies. Now we have the big sis and two brothers. Their favorite game is “wrestle-tickle-fight” with daddy and “mommy gets us” with me. We homeschool and McG loves it (this was not instantaneous love). I blog all about our adventures at Realhouselife.com if you’re interested.

Parenting is not what I expected. It’s much harder. I also never knew I could love someone in the way I love my children. They brighten my day and make me want to cry all at the same time. Hahaha! And to think we want more! We must be crazy!

Because our littles are in the toddler and elementary stage right now, our family time is a high priority to me. I work as much as I can and still focus on things at home. This means I have to limit the number of shoots and design projects I take on at certain times in the year. It is amazing that I can live so many dreams simultaneously. I always wanted to be a mama and tack on photographer to that and I just have to pinch myself. Thank you to all my amazing clients who get this and encourage me so much as I raise my kiddos and love my husband. #ChooseWhatMattersMost!

Family2014 001Mckenna Newborn 11 days-1349 001Declan Newborn 2011-1022-8982 006TitusOwen 6 days-2013-0830-0976 Corrigan-Rouse Christmas 2014-8466 Corrigan-Rouse Christmas 2014-8413 Corrigan-Rouse Christmas 2014-8543 028Family with Titus 1 week-2013-0831-1049 030Family with Titus 1 week-2013-0831-1051


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