I ♥ My Guy

In 2005, I married my college sweetheart. Before him, I had my heart broken and broke a few myself. It wasn’t until we met, that I knew what standards I should have been keeping when it came to dating. The moment I saw those blue eyes and long eyelashes flash as he spoke passionately about world issues, I was hooked. I had to know more about him and I had to be near him.

The feeling was not mutual at first. Sure, there was attraction, but I was still in high school and a distant friend of a friend. When I entered Malone College as a freshman, he was dating someone else but I didn’t lose hope. I still wanted to know him more than ever. We became friends. We talked. We spent may mornings together in the breakfast hall – as he was an athlete and was probably eating 2nd breakfast and elevensies (sorry, I’m a Hobbit fan – which is his fault) and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day – I’m a mornin person.

Then I found out he broke up with his girlfriend and he was spending the next semester abroad. I was convinced he’d go off and find a wife, so I called him and asked him out. And the rest is history. Now, we have 3 kids and are settled in our home in Kinston. Life is craziness, but oh so good!

One thing I learned before we were married is how important it is in a family, to place God first, my spouse second, my kids third and myself last. Our marriage has to come before our kids because the kids need it to be that way. We continuously pour into each other the best we can and we WORK on our marriage constantly. Marriage and parenting are the two hardest things I’ve ever done, but they have given me more joy than I could ever have imagined.

(the picture on the left is actually our first date – please don’t judge my fashion sense by this photo! It was 2001! The portrait on the right is our family at Christmas in 2014.)

Here’s another just for fun!



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