Madison and I may or may not have snuck into the ECU stadium to grab a few portraits in her cap and gown! This was definitely a first for me! For her graduation portraits, we started on the ECU campus at the fountain, got a few shots downtown and then went by the stadium just to see if we could grab some outside. We were excited to see the gates were open! What an opportunity! The very field she would receive her diploma on! We had some fun tossing her cap… and then chasing it in the rows of purple seats. This will definitely be a highlight for both of us. 


Madison & Janet, I had so much fun with y’all and Ashlyn that beautiful day in Greenville! Thank you so much for inviting me into your celebration. I will be praying for you, Madison, as you start your new career! You’re going to be amazing! Janet, you’ve raised two jewels! I love you and your girls!