Something kind of amazing happened last summer. While Lainey was away serving on work crew at a Young Life camp, one of her friends nominated her for my summer kick-off give away. Lainey had no knowledge of the contest and SHE WON…not a few votes!!!  I contacted her mom to get all the details, and when Lainey returned home, she got to join the SST along with some of her closest friends. It has been such a privilege to hang out with Lainey this year. She even babysits my kiddos now 🙂 She is a gem of a gal, and I have come to find out, an amazing person. She lives boldly and beautifully, and I can’t wait to see where she heads next.

Lainey is a member of the LCP Senior Style Team. Keep watching the The Styled Guide as the Class of 2017 count down continues!

Lainey, I am so grateful Taylor nominated you for the team. You were a perfect fit – a bridge between two groups of friends. I have loved seeing you shine brightly this year through young life (at the banquet) and encouraging your friends to join in the fun. You are amazing and have so much to pour into this world. Keep spreading the word!

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