Yesterday this beautiful girl turned 18, and in a few months, high school will be history for her. So many things to mark this as a monumental year in her life. Lots of lasts. Firsts. Good-byes. Hellos.

I had the privilege of taking her senior pictures and being part of this special year in her life, and after watching her grow up for the past 8 years, I’m proud to see what a wonderful person she has become. She donned the homecoming crown this fall and has a super strong friendship with 3 other truly amazing girls (click here to see their BFF shoot!). A cord of 4 strands is not easily broken, right!
015Creech-2016-1103-1387_Kinston Portraits.jpg

017Creech-2016-1103-1396_Kinston Portraits.jpg

026Creech-2016-1103-1490_Kinston Portraits.jpg

034Creech-2016-1103-1580_Kinston Portraits.jpg

043Creech-2016-1103-1646_Kinston Portraits.jpg

049Creech-2016-1103-1682_Kinston Portraits.jpg

057Creech-2016-1103-1748_Kinston Portraits.jpg

068Creech-2016-1103-1853_Kinston Portraits.jpg

059Creech-2016-1103-1775_Kinston Portraits.jpg

074Creech-2016-1103-1906_Kinston Portraits.jpg

076Creech-2016-1103-1927_Kinston Portraits.jpg

083Creech-2016-1103-1985_Kinston Portraits.jpg

086Creech-2016-1103-2049_Kinston Portraits.jpg

Jeanette & Colleen, thank you for choosing me to commemorate this year and so many others. I’m praying for you both during this new adventure. I have no doubt it is going to be amazing! Love y’all!