Here’s a little tidbit about me. I started out as a newspaper photographer, and covered a TON of sports. Even though that’s not really what I wanted to do, I saw the stories in it, and y’all know I love stories. The action shots of the game and the passion behind why people play speak volumes.

Cameron may not have had an opponent that day (his only challenge was not hitting my camera with his aces), but his focus and concentration are always there on the court & the field. It was perfect that we started the portraits out there, where he is most at home, and then headed downtown to get a little outside his comfort zone.

Here’s a secret, sessions with high school guys… are a challenge I love. I love seeing them transform from stiff to at ease in front of the lens. I love to bring out the Abercrombie model in these guys who claim “they don’t like pictures” or the ones who are there for their moms.

Cameron was definitely there for his mom – he’s not the kind of guy who posts selfies. He completely surprised me, though! He was up for anything. He was patient and had great ideas. He even did a jumping shot (which always end up as a favorite.) He also can do a “fake laugh” like a champ.

Cameron, Jimi & Mark, I had such a fun time with y’all that day! Graduation is just a few short days away – can you believe it? Thank y’all so much for trusting me to capture this pinnacle time in your lives!