I had the privilege of hearing about Ashlyn from her friends before actually meeting her. They had nothing but good things to say and kept wishing she was with them. Once I finally met her, I saw what a loyal and fun friend she is. Talking with her is easy because she is so attentive and a good listener. Though she seems quiet at first, there is a brightness in her eyes that spreads happiness to whoever she is with. She is a delight to be around! I tried to capture that during her senior shoot. I’d love to hear if you see it, too. Comment below with some love for Ashlyn!

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006Hines-Ashlyn-2016-0910-3530_Kinston Portraits.jpg
010Hines-Ashlyn-2016-0910-3550_Kinston Portraits.jpg
015Hines-Ashlyn-2016-0910-3590_Kinston Portraits.jpg
029Hines-Ashlyn-2016-0910-3713_Kinston Portraits.jpg
042Hines-Ashlyn-2016-0910-3809_Kinston Portraits.jpg
050Hines-Ashlyn-2016-0910-3882_Kinston Portraits.jpg
063Hines-Ashlyn-2016-0910-4011_Kinston Portraits.jpg
079Hines-Ashlyn-2016-0910-4132_Kinston Portraits.jpg
084Hines-Ashlyn-2016-0910-4162_Kinston Portraits.jpg
081Hines-Ashlyn-2016-0910-4140_Kinston Portraits.jpg

Ashlyn, it has been so lovely to get to know you this year. We need to grab coffee again! I loved chatting with you. I can’t wait to see where you are headed next year. Stay in touch!

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